Posted by: Rehan Today | February 15, 2010

Eyes of the Activists on Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s case

Well once again NFP wins the battle in making the people fool, yes I’m talking about the Dr. Aafia case and the blog posted on Dawn site by Nadeem F. Paracha, what Mr. NFP had done is so ridiculous. As it is a bad habit to point someone badly even if he is doing right, we all know that when a person points towards someone using single finger, we can see that three out of five fingers are pointing at the same time back on him. The same is in this case.

Here I want to make one thing clear that I am not at the side of the religious or political teams. Starting from the major fact, let me give you an example, if a member of your house is ill or injured at your house (other house members are at house) and at the same time another member of your house is ill or injured outside of the house, then whom will help you first? Exactly the member of house outside the house as we all know that other members of house are at house to help the ill or injured house member, while the house member ill or injured outside the house is alone, nobody is around him/her. Any idiot will help the person at house instead of helping the person outside the house.

I’m 100% agree with NFP that other girls (shazia, etc) are also the daughters of the Pakistan. Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani who is now suffering major and serious matters outside the mother country, she lost her Childs and now so called a criminal by the American Court. Shame for Pakistan and its nation. The history is being retrieving as the nation’s daughter is waiting for Muhammad Bin Qassim but where is Qassim, where is the spirit. Everyone had surrendered under the rule of Firoun.

Religious political party named as “Jamat-e-Islam” was the first party who took the notice of Dr. Aafia’s case and opened the battle against the Government of Pakistan, just for bringing back the daughter of the Ummat-e-Muslima safe and sound from the hands of the enemies. Moulana Moududi was not against the independence of Pakistan; he was in its favor but after freedom the environment gets even worse than it was, therefore Moulana said that we would never asked for Pakistan if we would know about these problems. Same thing our founder Quaid-e-Azam said after the freedom of Pakistan.

In the period of Zia-ul-haq, the Jamat-e-Islami was doing its job as we all know and it is written in the constitution that the religion of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is ISLAM and also that all the rules will be made according to the Islamic rules, so what Jamat did in that period was right, The ISLAMIC rules should be implement in this country because this country came into being on the basis of ISLAM.

ISLAM is a peaceful religion not the religion of extremist or terrorist. The ‘Taliban’ people are the creation of the United States of America not of our religious parties or government, America doesn’t want to look the Russians as the power of the Asia that’s why he played a game and when he won the game he left the game court in the hand of his players, now Taliban and can be called as American Army (Brother of Black Water). What we’re seeing in now-a-days is because of that day. Also the period of Mr. Musharraf, when he handed over his country just like a cricket bat, now America is playing with it, no one can even ask him.

So, now its our foremost duty to bring back the daughter of this country from the America; so called the peacemaker of the world. I request to the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to please bring Dr. Aafia back, if the government will not succeed in bringing her back then this case will be appear as an eclipse in the upcoming days for the government.

At last, those people who are in the form of activists or NGO’s members or even in the form of our political leaders, I request them to stop showing the one hand clap, because it is impossible. This country can only be back on the progress rail if we’ll stop fighting for our self and will start helping each other, no matter what’s their religion is, because Islam shows us the complete format of our life in Holy Quran. I wish that one day we all will be appear as a united nation.


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