Posted by: Rehan Today | March 16, 2010

In Raquib’s denial, PCB reveals details

Chairman PCB Ejaz Butt, Ex-Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team Younis Khan and Ex-Coach of Pakistan Cricket Team Intikha’ab Alam

LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Monday revealed some of the reasons that led to the numerous bans and heavy fines it slapped on members of the Pakistan cricket team.

Denying former team manager Abdul Raquib’s statements regarding his tour report, the board has revealed details of the report and in the process disclosed some of the Australian Tour Inquiry Committee’s ‘findings.’

“In his recent appearance before the Australian Tour Inquiry Committee when asked what action should be taken against those players who were found to be in breach of team discipline Mr. Raquib had suggested that they should be heavily fined,” a PCB statement said.

The statement further reveals: “Abdul Raquib stated in his report that when Younis Khan decided to drop Mohammad Yousuf for the second ODI against New Zealand in Abu Dhabi, it led to a series of events that ultimately forced Younis Khan to resign. Raquib’s tour report clearly mentioned that when Yousuf was told he was dropped on account of his poor fielding, he curtly replied” I have been fielding like this for the last 7 years”. He publicly argued with the team coach and the resulting disquiet in the team led to the dropping of Shoaib Malik and Umar Akmal. Raquib stated that it was in the backdrop of these events that team unity completely broke down and eventually Younis Khan resigned from the captaincy. Raquib has also admitted that he was unable to take any corrective action and remained totally helpless to arrest the sharply falling team morale in during these events.”

The board says Raquib also reported an incident where Yousuf got into a brawl with team selection committee and coach Intikhab Alam during the last ODI against New Zealand after Younis and Shoaib Malik were dropped by captain Shahid Afridi.

Expressing disappointment at Raquib’s comments, the board said the former manager is denying what is ‘already well recorded and documented.’

During the Australia tour, Kamran Akmal gave statements to the Australian press after it became known that he would be dropped from the last Test match owing to poor performance at Sydney. This, Raquib wrote in his report, was a breach of the players’ code of conduct.

Meanwhile Kamran’s younger brother Umar Akmal complained of a back injury before the final Test but medical check-ups showed no signs of an injury. It was believed that Umar had feigned the injury in protest against his brother’s sacking, Raquib reportedly told the inquiry committee.

Another incident, which had not been reported in the media, fast bowlers Umar Gul and Mohammad Aamer got into a heated argument during the tour and were consequently fined. It has not been made clear whether the fine was doled out by the on-tour committee or the board.

Until now, the PCB had not revealed any details that led to the mass punishment and it remains unclear if any more information will be made public.


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