Posted by: Rehan Today | March 16, 2010

India links talks with actions against Mumbai plotters

WASHINGTON: Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao on Monday ruled out resumption of composite dialogue with Pakistan till the time Pakistan guarantees that terrorism can be controlled by its authorities.

She was addressing the Woodrow Wilson Centre, a Washington-based think-tank.

“Today, Pakistan claims that it is in no position to give us such a guarantee that terrorism can be controlled by its authorities. In such a situation, the people of India who are already bitterly affected by series of terrorist attacks can hardly be expected to support resumption of a full-blown Composite Dialogue with Pakistan,” she said.

She stressed that Pakistan must take action against Hafiz Saeed.

India may send its Foreign Secretary to Islamabad later this month to, Indian External Affairs Minister S M Krishna said on Monday.

“The Pakistan foreign secretary came to India for talks, so, perhaps it is now the Indian foreign secretary’s turn to go to Pakistan. Let us move step by step,” Krishna said. He said India has already taken the initiative and provided the backdrop for talks between the foreign secretaries of the two countries.


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