Posted by: Rehan Today | March 16, 2010

Police find cache of explosives in Lahore

Pakistan policemen cordon off a street after a low-intensity blast in a car in Lahore on March 12, 2010

LAHORE: Police said that they have uncovered a cache of bomb-making equipment and more than 3,300 pounds (1,500 kilograms) of explosives in an empty shop in the blast-battered city of Lahore on Monday.

Police Superintendent Ali Nasir says two suicide jackets, 16 hand grenades and hundreds of bullets were also found.

Police raided the shop Monday after a tip from the owner, who told authorities he’d become suspicious because his new tenants had never opened for business.

Police Chief Parvaiz Rathore said that while the investigation was not yet complete, ”we believe the recent terrorist attacks in the city have been originating from this place.”

Lahore has been battered by a string of explosions in recent days. The discovery was made near where five small bombs exploded Friday evening – hours after two suicide bombers killed 55 people in Lahore in coordinated explosions that also wounded about 100 people.


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