Posted by: Rehan Today | April 25, 2010

Massive crowd breaks Sania into tears

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LAHORE: The madness of Lahorites made Shoaib Malik upset while Sania was more frustrated with tears in her eyes.

When Shoaib reached the Pearl-Continental Hotel with his bride from the Allama Iqbal Airport, a huge crowd was present there to get a glimpse of the newly-married couple due to which a severe mismanagement was seen at the hotel.

Both Shoaib and Sania had to make their way to an elevator through the hotel corridor jampacked with a cheering crowd. As they passed through the crowd they faced a severe pushing and shoving disbalancing Sania who was about to fall but Shoaib jumped into action to avoid it by taking her into his arms.

This brought tears into Sania’s eyes who then placed her head on her mother’s shoulders while walking towards the room as her mother consoled her.

Earlier, they reached Lahore through a PIA flight PK-391 which landed at the Allama Iqbal Airport and both were driven from a different route via Haj terminal on their way to hotel.

Shoaib and Sania were taken in a Corolla car instead of Limousine from the airport while a large number of people were left waiting to welcome the couple.


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