Posted by: Rehan Today | June 8, 2010

‘Peacebook’ – ‘Peaceful Community Network’

Pakistan: A new social network has been launched named as ‘Peacebook’ after the violation and bad image of ‘Facebook’.

Peacebook is created to connect peacefully and share with the people in your life. Peacebook is still manging its features. It contains a variety of options. Anyone from any place of the world can register there and starting posting his status, things etc.

Peacebook contains shout box & chat box. The shout box is available on the home page while the chat box is available on a page named as Chat. Games are also added after the demand of users. Groups can also be created easily by users for their purpose. The site contains many more beautiful features.

The administrator of the ‘Peacebook‘ said that “They only want to provide a network to the users, which can ensure that there will be not security breaching and no post against any religion. Our dream is a Peaceful World. The Peacebook site has strong policies regarding the matter of religion. Please suggest the site to your friends and families.”

About the fast growing website ‘MillatFacebook“, he said “The MFB site is a great effort by the IT engineers. But the website is created for Money & Fame. It is not created to provide a vast community network to Muslims.

The dream of the Peacebook is to reach beyond the galaxies in the sky. Hope that there dream will become true.


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